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If you are anything like me, it’s always helpful to hear from other parents when choosing activities for your children.  In case you agree, several parents from the spring break classes wrote to me and/or blogged about their art class experiences. Since I will be announcing the summer art class schedule this Wednesday, I thought I would share their messages with you and hope you will find them helpful!


IMG_8811Heather Hope-Hernandez, Director of Public Relations at HKH Advertising:

‘A last minute change of plans kept us in Tulsa for Spring Break, and I was thrilled to get our four-year-old into Annie’s first spring break art class, titled Around the World in 5 Days: A Celebration of Global Art. And, what a celebration it was. Maggie loved it so much! Two hours every day of fun and plenty of messy art. Annie warned us in advance to send the kids in clothes that could get paint, glue, etc., on them so we were prepared for some good, dirty fun!

 Our daughter came home each day with tales of new countries and explanations of the things she did. When in the classroom at drop-off and pick-up time, I could see the excitement on the kids’ faces—Annie’s too. It was either the look of anticipation for what “travel” and art adventure was to come, or the chance to show Mom or Dad what had been made that day.

 The class culminated with an art show to display the children’s work from the week. Annie said it would be a “sweet, little show.” It was that, and so much more. Maggie proudly ushered her Daddy, her Gay-Gay and me around the room showing us what she’d created. It was so wonderful. Annie also brought in her friend Sasha Martin of Global Table Adventure to create food from the five counties to sample at the art show—solidifying the global adventure for our little ones. They even got to press their own blue corn tortillas which Sasha then cooked on the griddle.

 The children went to five countries on five continents in five days. Each class started with a look at the map to see where they were going, and Annie played music representative of each country so the children could really engage their senses.

 They got to dye yarn in their choice of color as part of their study in North America with the Navajo. (Maggie, who loves all colors, chose rainbow of course.) They learned about India and made mandalas with painted stories about themselves or their lives. They made bowls from yarn and glue to carry “secret gifts,” according to our girl. The bowls from Rwanda on the continent of Africa. They “went” to Russia one day and then made a set of nesting matryoshka dolls. Finally, they “went” to Australia to listen to the didgeridoo.

 What did we love about this class? We loved everything, especially the cultural introduction to five different countries around the world. Maggie has no idea what an armchair traveler is, but she’s just had the wonderful experience of being one—a very active and excited one. Thank you, Annie!’


IMG_8913Briana Hefley-Shepard, the creator of and artist behind Bifftastica, and founder of the Alliday Showwrote a wonderful post on her blog about her week at art camp with her daughter, which can be viewed here…






IMG_9523Austin and Jennifer Bond, Partner at Bond & Gill Law Firm, and Sales Manager for Systems Trucking, respectively, and parents to 3 kiddos under five-years-old!

‘Our daughters came home from art camp last week and told us that they spent the day in Rwanda! For the first time our children had made a concrete connection between learning and fun. Annie Ferris’ passion and talent beams through her students and their amazing art projects and inspires them to seek out the beauty and creativity in the greater world around them.

We are so grateful that we found Annie’s programs and already have places for our girls for in the next class!’


Sasha-Martin-Global-Table-AdventureSasha Martin, founder of the wonderful Global Table Adventure, author, friend, and chef extraordinaire, played a huge role in the Global Art Show, and wrote a post on her blog about the culturally creative pairing, which can be read here…




Thank you to each of the parents who took time to write these reviews.  I am so happy to have connected with each of you!


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