Order a SweetheART for your Sweetheart!


Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and, once again, it is that time to conjure up a way to show how much you care about those in your life – a terribly daunting task for many good-intentioned people out there.  And I totally don’t blame you… there is so much pressure around this one particular day to ‘get it all just right’, that it often takes the charm right out of it. Really, when you simplify all of the hullabaloo, all that one wants is to be told and shown that someone thinks they are special. Here is a hint: giving something customized by you, specifically for them, and that lasts forever, is generally a good bet! Maybe I can help…

A couple of years ago, I offered teeny tiny little 1.5×1.5in customized conversation Sweetheart paintings – this year i’m offering them again, but a bit larger at 4x4in.! The Sweetheart paintings are customized with any message that you wish!: Be funny, be sweet, be clever, or Be Courageous! –  whatever your fancy!  Additional customizations to the piece can be discussed and added for an additional fee, if you are interested.

Custom Sweetheart Paintings are $75.  Limited number available. Each piece will be uniquely whimsical and no two will be the same. Each piece will come clear wrapped and strung with red and white bakers twine just as in the photo above.

Order below and make sure to include your name, email and phone number along with your custom message so I know how to reach you.  Shipping out of state can be arranged as well for an additional fee.  Feel free to email me at aferriswheel@gmail.com or call or text me at 918.760.2491.

Happy, love-filled, days to you all!




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oh, what a summer!…

What began as four weeks of summer art camps ended up in an extended and exciting artistic whirlwind!

Thank you to all of the wonderful families and artists who made it possible and kept sending more and more families my way!  And to sweet little Dexter who surprised me with the coolest testimony of my art camp in the Tulsa World, and to the Westside Harvest Market and Global Gardens for letting me invade their space for two months, and to my friends and family for encouraging my dream.

I am so thankful for all of the opportunities my journey this summer has already been revealing to me in its wake.  I am truly appreciative… and excited! More to come soon!



































































becoming Basquiat for a week…

babyjean_and_crownhomepage-imageIn 1960, a little boy named Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in Brooklyn.  He spent his days exploring the neighborhood streets and developed a strong interest in art at the age of 4, just like us!

He started selling postcard paintings on these streets through his late teens and early twenties and grew to become one of the first prolific graffiti artists, under the name SAMO.  Soon after, he found his way into the larger world of acclaimed art in New York City, where he developed a loyal art following.

Many recurring themes can be found in Basquiat’s library of artwork, but one of the most unique and beloved are the words that he regularly incorporated into the layers of his work.

In his paintings, Basquiat would often write lists of words, many seemingly unrelated. When asked ‘why’ he explained that “There are about 30 words around you all of the time, like ‘thread’ or ‘EXIT’…”.  What Basquiat was referring to is that he often painted what was surrounding him.  Sometimes, he said that he would literally just look at the space around him as he painted and begin writing the words which he could see. Other times he would open a tour guide, or a dictionary, and write the lists of words he saw before him on the page.  His words about his feelings would be sprinkled within, as well.

This will be one of the concepts that we will explore within our own lives, during camp, just as Basquiat did!  What words surround us and what words do we want to be surrounded by?  These words will be incorporated into the many layers of our week-long, Basquiat-style, large gallery-wrapped paintings!  I am so excited to see what the kids come up with!  We will, also, explore a broad range of painting techniques that he often used to create his own, (and invent some of our own, of course, as well!).

It is our many layers in life which make us rich in personality and soul.  We will celebrate each of these layers through our ‘words-and-art-combined’ throughout our week together, with a little inspiration from our friend, Jean-Michel Basquiat! Come join us! Sign up here. 

In the meantime, here are some of Basquiat’s paintings to give you a peek into his work… Enjoy!










The kids are going to LOVE them! Can’t wait!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Many mothers out there received paintings from their children made during the Mother’s Day classes over the past month!  I adore these paintings and have been patiently waiting so that I could share their work with you, as well!  Finally, the day has come!

Here are some of the pieces created by sweet little artists for their mothers… Enjoy!


























Stay tuned for a Father’s Day Class too! …

Dream Class, Parte Deux: Marc Chagall, a dreamer who never woke up…

Chagall_France_1921Marc Chagall said that he, himself, was a dreamer who never woke up.

Thank goodness he didn’t, because he and his fanciful collection of work will be the other half of our inspiration throughout the ‘Dream a Little Dream’ class in June!  Walking Eiffel Towers, flying people, musical goats, chicken transporters… its like a child’s dream already, and each will be a magical entry into turning our own dreams into art!

Take a peek… (but, sign your little artist up first, here! Enrollment ends next Friday)! OK, now take a peek…






“The Right to Dream”, a week with Hundertwasser…

My days have been pretty dreamy lately, as I have begun assembling our materials and activities for the June ‘Dream a Little Dream’ classes!  Here’s a sneak peek into one of the artists we will be exploring…

Meet Freidensreich Hundertwasser: 

This man was truly one of a kind.  He viewed the entire world as a platform from which to dream of what could be and then create it… even down to making his own shoes!


tumblr_ktuav5bUBU1qze9l7o1_1280 Belvedere_Hundertwasser_Grosse_Weg










Hundertwasser was a huge dreamer!

He believed so greatly in the power of dreams that he even declared it as one of six additional Human Rights in a series of painted stamps released to the public through the United Nations. This is the stamp, entitled ‘The Right to Dream’, 1983.

His own dreams led to some beautiful developments, which will be an inspiration for the art we will be creating during camp, take a look!…



Hundertwasser was an environmental activist and often created art to help bring awareness to these causes.







Hundertwasser also believed that public housing should be aesthetically inspiring so as to lift the spirits of those living within its walls.

As an environmental activist, another of Hundertwasser’s additional human rights was ‘The Right to a Window’.  He believed deeply that everyone, rich or poor, deserves to live in an environment with windows that open in order to connect with the world and have the ability to grow.

His designs were so unique that he was often commissioned to design additional architecture.  In 1993, he designed Bad Blumau, a spa retreat in the countryside of Styria, Austria.



IMG_4739Spa of Bad Blumau, Austria2313626967_a297d8fdb5In 2012, we went on a trip to Europe and stayed at Blumau following a visit to Vienna, where I had excitedly retraced Hundertwasser’s artistic imprint upon the city… it was a complete dream!  I’m not sure who loved it more, me or Bea!



I love exposing Bea to those who continue to dream as adults, as I want her to follow her dreams forever.  Hundertwasser is a perfect example…  it’s almost impossible to NOT dream when you experience his work!

Hundertwasser has been one of my very favorite artists for several years, and now he is also one of Bea’s.  I love sharing this with her.  And now, this summer, I am really looking forward to the opportunity to explore this incredible artist’s work, and then to create our own, with all of your little dreamers, as well!

Sign your artist up today, here!








there are some super lucky mothers out there!…

IMG_9939Well, the first two Mother’s Day art sessions were a huge success!

I had the privilege to spend the day with ten adorable kiddos who were each so excited to be making a painting for their moms.  Many of the little artists were beside themselves when they realized that they were each going to be able to paint on their own fancy, thick gallery-wrapped canvas!

In the first part of class, I loved watching the children analyze, compare, contrast and discuss each of artist Mary Cassatt’s six provided images and begin to recognize unique elements of her style.

But, absolutely nothing could compare to the children’s adorable (and, occasionally, hysterical) descriptions of and stories about each of their mothers!  I totally got to be the luckiest ‘fly-on-the-wall’ in that room, as I happily scribbled down each artist’s words to transfer onto the back of their artwork!

Tonight, I finished writing each of the stories on the edges and backs of the canvases and sealed them with a high-gloss finish.  I will be delivering to respective dads this week for safe keeping until your big day!

You moms should feel very proud, and also very excited, as each of your children painted one of their favorite memories with you… they could not be any cuter!  Each of you should give yourselves a big pat on the back as you have done something incredibly right to raise such loving children!

But, no photo spoilers here… you will have to wait to be surprised!!


*** For those of you just now realizing that Mother’s Day is right around the corner and want an opportunity for your own children to participate, you still have a bit of time!

Two more classes will be offered next Saturday, May 3.  One class is already full, but there are still some spots open in the second class.  Don’t wait, get your little artist signed up now…

Also, Private Mother’s Day Classes (for individuals or groups) are available to schedule as well if the provided class times do not work for your family.  Contact me to schedule.




happy mother’s day! love, eliza…


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending two hours with a sweet 4-year-old named Eliza.  We spent our time talking about all of the things she loves about her mother, Whitney Simons Fraser, a wonderfully devoted and deserving single mom, and turning her story into a custom Mother’s Day gift for her.





After writing down all of Eliza’s sweet words and stories about her mother, we chose her favorite story to turn into a painting, a sweet image of she and Whitney sitting side by side at the table with their favorite matching game pieces spread out before them!  I happily spent the next hour playing the role of Eliza’s art assistant until she had finished her masterpiece!



After the class was over, I wrote Eliza’s words that she had shared with me of the story which inspired her painting along the sides of the 11 x 14 gallery-wrapped canvas, in what she said was her mother’s favorite color, green!  I also wrote the title and all of Eliza’s words she had told me about her relationship with her mother on the back of the canvas, so Whitney will always have them.




I delivered the painting to them  today and Eliza chose to share the gift with her mother a few weeks early. Whitney loved it and  was so excited to find the perfect place in her home to hang her new treasured masterpiece.  Eliza was so proud of what she had made for her mom and it truly made Whitney’s (early Mother’s) day!



Let your child make one for you too!  Sign your child up for one of the Mother’s Day classes, or email me to schedule a private session.













some special art for some special mothers…

psst, moms, this is for you… pass it on!

IMG_9560We love our mothers, and mothers love their children… and (nearly) everything they create!

This Mother’s Day, give the mothers in your life a gift that will become even more special with each passing year!

I am offering several art classes where children can be dropped off and will be helped to reflect upon some special qualities that they love about their mothers.  They will then be given artist-quality materials and supported as they create a Mary Cassatt-inspired portrait of the two of them, representing the unique relationship that they share.

When they finish, I will help to artistically add the child’s words, which inspired the piece, along the edges of the artwork.  This will absolutely be a colorful keepsake that every mother will swoon over!

Ages: 4 and up, (or younger with a parent/guardian)

Cost per child: $50 (includes materials)   *Gift-wrapping available for an additional $5.

Location: In the inspiring Global Gardens Classroom, located within The Westside Harvest, 2232 S. Nogales Ave.

Available Small Group Sessions:

Saturday, April 19, 10-Noon, CLASS FULL

Saturday, April 19, 1-3pm, CLASS FULL

Saturday May 3, 10-Noon, CLASS FULL

Saturday, May 3, 1-3pm

Private Sessions available as well. Contact me to arrange time.



Select Date
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Parent Name & Phone #

Summer Classes Are Here!…

I am so excited to share two new summer classes with you below!  Both classes have two sessions available, each lasting a week.  Times vary for each session, so make sure to look closely.  If a time is consistently not working into schedules, I may consider altering to accommodate a greater number of families.

I am really excited about the content we will cover in these classes and cannot wait to embark with the kiddos on a month’s worth of passions tapped, friendships made, efforts encouraged, and masterpieces created!  The four, sweet lil’ art shows are just the celebratory icing on the cake!

Please pass along to friends, feel free to be in touch, and hope to see you soon!


ok, here you go!…
Some Summer Classes!…

IMG_9525‘Dream a Little Dream: Making Our Dreams Come True with Chagall and Hundertwasser’

Children are dreaming experts! As we age, very few of us are able to retain this dreamy nature, but of those of us that do, artists generally lead the pack. Rather than settling for what is, they dream of what could be.

For most of us, the dreams that jump to mind first are the ones that we have each night. A step further brings us to our daydreams, and stretching beyond that we have the dreams and memories of our past. But then, if we dare to travel just a little bit further, we reach yet another group of dreams, the most important ones… the dreams we hold for our future. In this class, we will create art to embrace and celebrate each of these dreams!

A personal dream journal, along with the work of two very dreamy artists, will each inspire our own artwork over the course of the week. The first is Russian painter, Marc Chagall, who described himself as ‘a dreamer who never woke up’. It is his collected works of flying people, inventive animals, and upside-down villages, that will inspire us to paint dreams from our pasts, however fanciful and inaccurate they may be! The second is Friedensreich Hundertwasser an Austrian painter, architect, ecologist and visionary, whose wildly imaginative work will inspire us to create art representing the dreams of our futures. On the final day of class, a special opportunity for the artists to showcase their hard work with his/her family and friends will present itself at The Art Show of Our Dreams’, in our classroom! Everyone is welcome!

4 – 8 year olds (If your child is outside of this age range but feel strongly that he/she should join, I would love to hear from you, as well! email me)

Class will be held in the incredibly inspiring Global Gardens Classroom, located within the Harvest Market, next to Eugene Field Elementary School, at 2232 S. Nogales Ave.

Cost of class is $135 (includes cost of canvases, journals, and additional art supplies). Only $75 required to register. Remaining balance due first day of class. Refunds accepted through May 5, 2014.

There will be two sessions offered:

Session One: June 9 – 13, M-F, 3-5pm (Please include your name, phone number, child’s name and age, and the session you are registering for) CLASS FULL

Session Two: June 16 – 20, M-F, 3-5pm (Please include your name, phone number, child’s name and age, and the session you are registering) CLASS FULL

Select Date
Child’s Name & Age
Parent Name & Phone #

IMG_9524‘The Art of Words: Celebrating the Relationship Between Art and Language’

This class is my response to several issues we face today, namely the loss of handwriting in favor of text and email, the dwindling presence of and appreciation for posted letters, and lastly, bullying. Words are supremely important in our lives and this class will be a celebration of all of the good ones, the ones that float out of our hearts and minds and help to bring more beauty into the world!

We will spend the week exploring the use of words as art in the work of Ed Ruscha and Jean-Michel Basquiat and we will create our own pieces in a similar technique and style! We will also explore the artistically inventive and fanciful words of poet Edward Lear and, similarly, invent our own word(s) to use within our own poetic work! And, lastly, we will learn about the genre of Mail Art, receive an ‘ArtPal’ from within our group, and work to create our first ‘mail art’ letter and stamped envelope to be sent through the good ol’ pony express! To show off all of our hard work, The Art Show Worth A Bazillion Words’ and The Little Lears Poetry Reading’ will occur for our friends and family on the final day of class! Words are powerful and an artists’ voice is strong. Let’s learn how we can positively use our creative voices together!

4-8 year olds (If your child is outside of this age range but feel strongly that he/she should join, I would love to hear from you, as well! email me)

Class will be located in the ever-so-inspiring Global Gardens Classroom, located near Eugene Field Elementary School, within the Harvest Market, at 2232 S. Nogales Ave.

Cost of Class: $150 (includes cost of a larger, artist-quality canvas (ready to hang proudly and beautifully in your home!), plus additional canvas boards and supplies) Only 50% of class fee required to register. Remaining balance due first day of class. Refunds accepted through May 5, 2014.

Two sessions of this class will be offered:

Session One: June 23 – June 27, M-F, 3-5p, (Please include your name, phone number, child’s name and age, and the session you are registering for.)
Session Two: July 14 – July 18, M-F, 3-5p, (Please include your name, phone number, child’s name and age, and the session you are registering for.)

Select Date
Child’s Name & Age
Parent Name & Phone #