now, grab your pacifiers and passports!… a class for the wee lil’ art travelers too!







And now… I am so happy to announce the 0-3 yrs Spring Break 2014 class, ‘Crawling Around the World In 5 Days: A Celebration of Global Culture’!

When my daughter, Bea, was younger, I was passionate about experiencing all that we could together.  I would often feel frustrated that many quality class experiences were for ages 3 and older.  I was aware of what she was and was not capable of doing during those months and years of development, but I still felt that the basic exposure was hugely rewarding.  She may not have been able to create the work of art that was expected of the older students, but she could feel the textures of the materials, hear the new sounds, explore the location, and maybe even make a little something to take home. So, all of you like-minded parents and curious kiddos out there, this class is for you!

Essentially, this class will be a pint-sized version of the older class!  We will spend our week ‘continent-hopping’, immersing ourselves into the culture of a different country each day, through a variety of books, music, language and art activities.  It will be a sweet and memorable trip!

Class will be held in the Global Gardens classroom located in the Westside Harvest, behind Eugene Field Elementary School: 2232 S. Nogales Ave, Tulsa,OK.

March 17 – 21st, 10 – 11am daily

Cost of class is $55/week (includes materials)

Ages 0-3, parent/guardian must stay with child

Book your ticket today!  Please include your name, your child’s name and age, your email address, and your phone number within the email, and I will be in touch very soon.


grab your passports and paintbrushes! it’s class time…






I am so happy to announce that enrollment is now open for my 4-8 yrs Spring Break 2014 art class, ‘Around the World in 5 Days: A Celebration of Global Art!  


We will spend our week ‘continent-hopping’, studying a prominent element of art and beauty from each of five countries.  Each day we will immerse our senses in one country’s culture as we work on our global masterpieces!  By the end of the week, students will have knowledge of and respect for each country studied, as well as a healthy sense of pride in their artistic accomplishments. Additionally, each artistic traveler will have the opportunity to present their weeks’ work to their guests in a sweet little art show where Sasha Martin – the pioneer behind Global Table Adventure, her family’s four-year adventure to cook the world via stovetop travel – will provide a sampling of global bites!

Class will be held in the Global Gardens classroom located in the Westside Harvest, behind Eugene Field Elementary School: 2232 S. Nogales Ave, Tulsa, OK

March 17-21st, 1 – 3pm daily

Cost of class is $125/week, (includes materials).

Ages 4-8, (parent does not have to stay, but certainly can)

Book your ticket today! Please include your name, your child’s name and age, your email address and your phone number in the email, and I will be in touch very soon.

Stay tuned for the 0-3 yr old spring break class to be announced later this week!









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Yesterday, my wonderful web designer, Cole Cunningham, of SAPIEN Brands, handed over the reigns of four social media business sites, which he had beautifully created for me last week.  Now, for those of you who know me, I’m sure you are finding this quite laughable, and for those of you who do not, I hope you will never find the humor in this statement, as I intend to give this new world of social media my best efforts! I know that I will find this much easier once I am actually connecting with people, so would you please help me out by liking and sharing the following links on your own pages…




Google Plus,

…now, let’s start some dialogue!

Thank you so much, everyone!


it’s a conversation piece…



IMG_7800A Custom Valentine For You…

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the Sweetheart candy.  I never actually eat them, as I think they taste like what I would imagine chalk to taste like, but I love the look of them, and the idea of them. An edible love note.

I painted one this week, the Be Mine one.  I was thinking it would be my valentine for Bea this year, as she’s learning to read.  I may even add an ‘a’, as I often can’t help myself. Regardless, I like the idea of giving a Valentine that isn’t so temporary. Something a bit more lasting.

A friend of mine saw it and felt the same and commissioned me to do one for her husband.  And, then I just couldn’t stop!

So, now I’m taking custom orders!

Create your own message or borrow an old Sweetheart Candy standard.  Sweet or silly, reaffirming or epic (‘marry me’, anyone?!), I will paint it for you.

Paintings are acrylic on canvas. These are tiny paintings, either 2in x 2in, or 2in x 4in. $25.

A sweet little gift.

Order Soon! by sending me a message on my contact page.



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Hello, my name is Annie Ferris.

I am a Tulsa-based artist working primarily in commissioned art for individuals, businesses and organizations.  I am also the Creative Director and the After-School Programming Director for Global Gardens, a local non-profit organization.

I happily share my days and nights with my husband, Scott, our lovely daughter, Bea, and our trusty old dog, Tupelo Honey.

I’m one lucky lady.