Collaborative Ballet/Art Camp: Firebird…

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Collaborative Full-Day Ballet/Art Camp: Firebird

On Location at Jasinski Dance Academy: 3315 E. 33rd St., by Schusterman-Benson Library

June 13 – 17, M – F

9a – 4:30p

Ages 6 – 9


For all aspiring ballerinas, dancers, yogis, artists, authors, event planners, producers, directors, or general visionaries alike!

First of all, let me say that I am so looking forward to this opportunity to teach the visual arts side of a dance production! I have actually been primed for this for several years now with the nightly ‘performances’ that my daughter, Bea, treats my husband and I to, so I am thrilled that I now have a chance to rise from my seat in the audience and assist the little dancers behind the scenes in creating a magical and memorable experience to compliment their ballet steps!

This is an All-Day Camp Experience with an end-of-week performance. Your sweet ballerina will spend the morning hours in the dance studio with Ms. Lyn Jasinski, a renowned dancer, instructor, and the Owner and Creative Director of the Academy, and her wonderful team, learning the story and lovely choreography behind the Russian ballet, Firebird. They will then have lunch and some contemporary ballet and yoga time and then come to me in a separate on-site studio in the afternoon to explore the visual creation side of a performance, including set design, playbill/ticket development, prop design, and a bit of costuming. Each ballerina will leave from the week with the tools and props to enable many repeat performances in your family’s future!

In 1945, Russian-born artist Marc Chagall debuted beautiful set designs and costumes he had made for the New York City Ballet’s performance of Stravinsky’s Russian Fairytale Ballet, Firebird. It was exquisite! The photo seen above was the ballet curtain! During this week of camp I will introduce the ballerinas to Chagall, his own Firebird designs along with some Russian imagery, and then each dancer will spend the week using bits of that inspiration to create their own work.

This will be a sweet little week of the whole production process!

To enroll you can click on this link to go to the Jasinski Academy website where you will get your ballerina all signed up!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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