happy mother’s day! love, eliza…


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending two hours with a sweet 4-year-old named Eliza.  We spent our time talking about all of the things she loves about her mother, Whitney Simons Fraser, a wonderfully devoted and deserving single mom, and turning her story into a custom Mother’s Day gift for her.





After writing down all of Eliza’s sweet words and stories about her mother, we chose her favorite story to turn into a painting, a sweet image of she and Whitney sitting side by side at the table with their favorite matching game pieces spread out before them!  I happily spent the next hour playing the role of Eliza’s art assistant until she had finished her masterpiece!



After the class was over, I wrote Eliza’s words that she had shared with me of the story which inspired her painting along the sides of the 11 x 14 gallery-wrapped canvas, in what she said was her mother’s favorite color, green!  I also wrote the title and all of Eliza’s words she had told me about her relationship with her mother on the back of the canvas, so Whitney will always have them.




I delivered the painting to them  today and Eliza chose to share the gift with her mother a few weeks early. Whitney loved it and  was so excited to find the perfect place in her home to hang her new treasured masterpiece.  Eliza was so proud of what she had made for her mom and it truly made Whitney’s (early Mother’s) day!



Let your child make one for you too!  Sign your child up for one of the Mother’s Day classes, or email me to schedule a private session.













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