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IMG_7800A Custom Valentine For You…

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the Sweetheart candy.  I never actually eat them, as I think they taste like what I would imagine chalk to taste like, but I love the look of them, and the idea of them. An edible love note.

I painted one this week, the Be Mine one.  I was thinking it would be my valentine for Bea this year, as she’s learning to read.  I may even add an ‘a’, as I often can’t help myself. Regardless, I like the idea of giving a Valentine that isn’t so temporary. Something a bit more lasting.

A friend of mine saw it and felt the same and commissioned me to do one for her husband.  And, then I just couldn’t stop!

So, now I’m taking custom orders!

Create your own message or borrow an old Sweetheart Candy standard.  Sweet or silly, reaffirming or epic (‘marry me’, anyone?!), I will paint it for you.

Paintings are acrylic on canvas. These are tiny paintings, either 2in x 2in, or 2in x 4in. $25.

A sweet little gift.

Order Soon! by sending me a message on my contact page.



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    Michelle Clemishire

    We’d love one! So cute! Dovie is in love with valentines day, she’s been saving a heart dress to wear for a month!

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    Amy Uffhausen

    Annie! I would love to commission one of these for Marc! How many characters are recommended? These are wonderful…as are all your works of art!

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