MAKE: Modern Art for Kiddos Everywhere



MAKE classes provide a diverse and dynamic curriculum to explore various combinations of art movements, histories, styles, sounds, and creators, and then use these as a platform from which kiddos can celebrate the creative world around them, as well as within.              

Classes take place both at Annie’s studio (located in the upstairs of the Carriage House behind the Tulsa Garden Center, 2435 S Peoria Ave) and throughout Tulsa schools, businesses, and homes.                        

All classes are taught by Annie Ferris and her incredible assistants.  
Annie loves children and all of their dreamy ideas and creativity! She believes in their capacities and shows up at each session ready to listen to the kiddos and share with them everything that she can. Annie whole-heartedly believes in providing a space for children to enjoy the process of creativity, and feels that this is the most important part. The true artist develops from the love they have for the process, not necessarily the product, as that is what will make them want to keep creating over time. The product that results just happens to be the icing on the cake!  
Projects are planned for each class, but each child’s work will always be a bit of a surprise because art is not something that enjoys being controlled, and because each child is different from the next and, thankfully, uses his/her unique personality and abilities to apply to their work each day!  This is the cool part of life that makes the world so beautiful and much more interesting!  Annie is excited to meet you and your child and head off on an art adventure together!
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MAKE: Art in the Studio

MAKE: Art in the City