My Grandparents Are Masterpieces: A Grandparent’s Day Gift Class…

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My Grandparents Are Masterpieces: A Grandparent’s Day Gift Class

Two, 2 hr. Small-Group Sessions Available:

Saturday, August 27th, 2016:      1) 10a – Noon (sold out) 2) 2p – 4p

Ages: 5 – 12


Just as last year I heard about the Dads wanting in on the goods, now its the Grandparents! Grandparent’s Day is officially on September 11th, 2016 and thinking about it, I completely agree that they not only should have a class, but they TOTALLY deserve it! So this one’s for those sweet quilting-, newspaper reading-style of grandparents, or the fire-wielding-, metalsmithing-, marathon-, and mountain-climbing kind alike… You’ve earned it!

This will be the exact same model for class as the Mother’s/Father’s Day version, just focused on the special moments with Grandparents. Both grandparents can be represented in one canvas with a shared memory in this class. If you would like an individual one for each, email me and we will arrange for a separate piece to be made for the additional cost.

The artwork from both sessions will be available for pick-up on Saturday, September 10th from 10am – Noon. If those hours do not work for your family, an alternate time may be arranged.

Private sessions may be arranged for younger kiddos.

Classes are held at my studio located in the upstairs of the Carriage House Gallery, located directly behind the Tulsa Garden Center at 2435 S. Peoria.

You can sign up your child using the PayPal button below. Email me with any questions you may have!

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