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On the Road with Two Bobs and a Turtle Named Rocky : A Global Adventure For Peace

Two Sessions Available:

July 10 – 14, 2017,   9 – noon (Sold Out)

July 10 – 14, 2017,   2 – 5p (Sold Out)

Ages 5 -12


Pack your bags, we’re going on a trip!  Before we take off, let me introduce you to our travel guides of inspiration!…

Our backseat driver for the week will be the one and only Mr. Bob Dylan.  A widely acclaimed musician and 2016 Nobel Laureate for Literature, his work has famously spanned across many genres since he came on to the scene.  Devoted fans have followed him through his acoustic days of folk, to the onset of electric, then on through both his country and gospel periods and back, but the wide majority will always hold his anthemic calls for peace during the turbulent 1960s most dear. On our trip, Dylan will provide the endless rotation of tunes and will always be quick to turn our attention to the deeper connection between his award-winning lyrics and our artistic journey.

Our main driver for the week will be Mr. Robert (‘Bob’) Rauschenberg. Bob was a prolific artist who felt that ‘Life IS Art’ and who worked within a wide array of mediums to help convey this message.  A peace activist since childhood, – he even got kicked out of college for freeing the frogs awaiting dissection! – this passion for human understanding is the reason he is at the helm of our adventure.  In 1980, he developed a program called Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange (ROCI, for short – named after his pet turtle ‘Rocky’).  The primary focus of the program was to travel to countries around the globe and initiate dialogue and promote cross-cultural understanding through art.  He said he wanted to ‘introduce the world to itself’. 

During this week we plan to do just that!  We, too, will be touring countries abroad and using such Rauschenberg-ian techniques as photography, collage, image-transfer, painting, printmaking, and assemblage to document our journey and inspire our own artwork in the hopes of generating greater understanding of each other and celebrating our similarities, as well as our differences, in the beautiful light that we all deserve.

A little homecoming party/art show will take place on the last day of the week for friends and family to celebrate the creative travelers!

So, let’s hop in the car, the plane, the boat, the tuk-tuk, and be on our way… the world awaits!

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