one day in… russia!


IMG_8287Our Spring Break 2014 ‘Around the World in 5 Days‘ classes are quickly approaching!  To help all of our traveling artists prepare, I will announce each stop of our trip over the coming two weeks.

So… get ready, we’re heading to Russia!  A country which has produced a vast amount of unique architecture, literature, music, dance and paintings, the art of this area has spread an indisputable beauty over the country’s epic history.  Following in the wake of all of the Olympic activity in Sochi, let’s spend a day off of the slopes, and celebrate together some of the fantastically colorful and dreamy Art of Russia!

Still need to sign up?  Hurry, there are only two spots left in both the 0-3 yrs and the 4-8 yrs groups!  Book your ticket today!


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    Jennifer bond

    I’m signed up right? For both girls

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      Annie Ferris

      indeed you are:)

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