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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and, once again, it is that time to conjure up a way to show how much you care about those in your life – a terribly daunting task for many good-intentioned people out there.  And I totally don’t blame you… there is so much pressure around this one particular day to ‘get it all just right’, that it often takes the charm right out of it. Really, when you simplify all of the hullabaloo, all that one wants is to be told and shown that someone thinks they are special. Here is a hint: giving something customized by you, specifically for them, and that lasts forever, is generally a good bet! Maybe I can help…

A couple of years ago, I offered teeny tiny little 1.5×1.5in customized conversation Sweetheart paintings – this year i’m offering them again, but a bit larger at 4x4in.! The Sweetheart paintings are customized with any message that you wish!: Be funny, be sweet, be clever, or Be Courageous! –  whatever your fancy!  Additional customizations to the piece can be discussed and added for an additional fee, if you are interested.

Custom Sweetheart Paintings are $75.  Limited number available. Each piece will be uniquely whimsical and no two will be the same. Each piece will come clear wrapped and strung with red and white bakers twine just as in the photo above.

Order below and make sure to include your name, email and phone number along with your custom message so I know how to reach you.  Shipping out of state can be arranged as well for an additional fee.  Feel free to email me at aferriswheel@gmail.com or call or text me at 918.760.2491.

Happy, love-filled, days to you all!




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