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Joan Brown's 1970 Self-Portrait with Fish and Cat is the first image you see at the National Portrait Gallery's "Face Value" exhibit.

‘Self-Portrait with Fish and Cat’











Take A Walk On The Wild Side : A Week with Joan Brown

Two Sessions Available:

June 26 – 30, 2017 (Sold Out)
July 3 – 7, 2017 (Sold Out)

9am – Noon

Ages 5 – 12



Each time I offer a class, so many kiddos ask if they can include their much-loved pets in the piece.  Sometimes it works and we manage a way to include them, other times it is a bit more challenging!  But, in each of those moments I always promise a class dedicated to creatures of all kinds, and yet to date one hadn’t surfaced.

This winter I asked my daughter, Bea, if she would want to help me design a class for the summer.  She agreed, and (as she is a contender for the world’s biggest animal-lover) her proposed theme was no surprise… ANIMALS!  So, finally, here it is, inspired by Bea and all of those wonderful, animal-loving students, a week of art dedicated entirely to our favorite creatures large and small!

Over the week, we will explore the art of the brilliantly wild, San Francisco portrait painter, Joan Brown, and use her work to inspire our own large, inventive, self-portraits on canvas showcasing our beloved pets and/or our carefully chosen spirit animals!  These will be a cool keepsake! We will also work on a couple of other, fun animal-related projects using inspiration gathered from nature, each other, other artists, as well as beloved authors!  

Finally, at the end of the week, a ‘Pet-(on leashes)-Friendly’ Art Show In The Park will take place, where we will celebrate not only our hard-working artists, but all visiting creatures, and celebrate them as our co-guests of honor!

It’s going to be a wildly entertaining week! I hope to see you (and your sweet pets) there!

Use the PayPal button below to sign up.  If you are having trouble or can’t enroll in what you were hoping for, please contact me here in case I can help or need to look at the possibility of adding a class. Thank you!

Please select your class and session below. A 50% transferable, but non-refundable, deposit due to reserve your space, and the remainder is due the day of the class.