“The Right to Dream”, a week with Hundertwasser…

My days have been pretty dreamy lately, as I have begun assembling our materials and activities for the June ‘Dream a Little Dream’ classes!  Here’s a sneak peek into one of the artists we will be exploring…

Meet Freidensreich Hundertwasser: 

This man was truly one of a kind.  He viewed the entire world as a platform from which to dream of what could be and then create it… even down to making his own shoes!


tumblr_ktuav5bUBU1qze9l7o1_1280 Belvedere_Hundertwasser_Grosse_Weg










Hundertwasser was a huge dreamer!

He believed so greatly in the power of dreams that he even declared it as one of six additional Human Rights in a series of painted stamps released to the public through the United Nations. This is the stamp, entitled ‘The Right to Dream’, 1983.

His own dreams led to some beautiful developments, which will be an inspiration for the art we will be creating during camp, take a look!…



Hundertwasser was an environmental activist and often created art to help bring awareness to these causes.







Hundertwasser also believed that public housing should be aesthetically inspiring so as to lift the spirits of those living within its walls.

As an environmental activist, another of Hundertwasser’s additional human rights was ‘The Right to a Window’.  He believed deeply that everyone, rich or poor, deserves to live in an environment with windows that open in order to connect with the world and have the ability to grow.

His designs were so unique that he was often commissioned to design additional architecture.  In 1993, he designed Bad Blumau, a spa retreat in the countryside of Styria, Austria.



IMG_4739Spa of Bad Blumau, Austria2313626967_a297d8fdb5In 2012, we went on a trip to Europe and stayed at Blumau following a visit to Vienna, where I had excitedly retraced Hundertwasser’s artistic imprint upon the city… it was a complete dream!  I’m not sure who loved it more, me or Bea!



I love exposing Bea to those who continue to dream as adults, as I want her to follow her dreams forever.  Hundertwasser is a perfect example…  it’s almost impossible to NOT dream when you experience his work!

Hundertwasser has been one of my very favorite artists for several years, and now he is also one of Bea’s.  I love sharing this with her.  And now, this summer, I am really looking forward to the opportunity to explore this incredible artist’s work, and then to create our own, with all of your little dreamers, as well!

Sign your artist up today, here!








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    Lobsang Tenzin

    Thank you Annie … love Hunderwasser’s work. Will be sharing your blog on our social media site:https://www.facebook.com/WanderingArtist.tv

    Wishing you always the clearest view of this beautiful world filled with only wonderful moments and much, much love

    Lobsang Tenzin
    Director/Wandering Artist TV
    “When one dreams alone it is only a dream, but when many dream together it is the beginning of a new reality”
    F. Hundertwasser

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