there are some super lucky mothers out there!…

IMG_9939Well, the first two Mother’s Day art sessions were a huge success!

I had the privilege to spend the day with ten adorable kiddos who were each so excited to be making a painting for their moms.  Many of the little artists were beside themselves when they realized that they were each going to be able to paint on their own fancy, thick gallery-wrapped canvas!

In the first part of class, I loved watching the children analyze, compare, contrast and discuss each of artist Mary Cassatt’s six provided images and begin to recognize unique elements of her style.

But, absolutely nothing could compare to the children’s adorable (and, occasionally, hysterical) descriptions of and stories about each of their mothers!  I totally got to be the luckiest ‘fly-on-the-wall’ in that room, as I happily scribbled down each artist’s words to transfer onto the back of their artwork!

Tonight, I finished writing each of the stories on the edges and backs of the canvases and sealed them with a high-gloss finish.  I will be delivering to respective dads this week for safe keeping until your big day!

You moms should feel very proud, and also very excited, as each of your children painted one of their favorite memories with you… they could not be any cuter!  Each of you should give yourselves a big pat on the back as you have done something incredibly right to raise such loving children!

But, no photo spoilers here… you will have to wait to be surprised!!


*** For those of you just now realizing that Mother’s Day is right around the corner and want an opportunity for your own children to participate, you still have a bit of time!

Two more classes will be offered next Saturday, May 3.  One class is already full, but there are still some spots open in the second class.  Don’t wait, get your little artist signed up now…

Also, Private Mother’s Day Classes (for individuals or groups) are available to schedule as well if the provided class times do not work for your family.  Contact me to schedule.




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    When are your summer programs?

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