what a wonderful world…

We are home from our worldwide adventure and what a memorable trip it was!

Last week, twenty-four kiddos between the ages of eight-months and eight-years-old, three outstanding volunteers, one genius global chef, and myself, spent the week traveling the globe, stopping off in five countries to learn and celebrate the local art.

We started our journey in our own country, in the Four Corners area specifically, where we became inspired by the talented Navajo weavers and dyed our own wool and built our own looms…


















We then continued our trip overseas to India, where we listened to the musical genius of Ravi Shankar and explored the art of mandalas…


















Next, we headed to Rwanda, where we practiced the skill of basket balancing, made our own amazing Rwandan Peace Baskets, and discovered artistic ways to spread peace to each of our friends, during our project…


























On Thursday, we traveled to Russia, where we listened to the ballets of Tchaikovsky, dressed up in babushkas, and made our own Matryoshka Doll sets…


















We ended our trip in Australia, where we explored the culture’s rich history of The Dreaming and Aboriginal designs. We were inspired by these traditions both on paper as well as our own bodies…


















We returned home ready to show off all that we had learned to our family and friends, so we had an art show!

The children’s art was an ENORMOUS success and deserves its own space so I will post The Global Art Show later this week…  Please make sure you check back!

Hope everyone else had as great of a Spring Break as we did!!!


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